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The ProtoAir wireless gateway is an external, high-performance, low-cost building automation and industrial control IIoT gateway for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that provides manufacturers connectivity into the cloud and instant multi-protocol deployment of field protocols, enabling new or legacy devices to easily interface with other protocols.

With the ability to connect devices to the cloud over wireless and cellular connections and automatically support multiple known controller profiles, the ProtoAir is the instant answer to the OEM's customer's needs and IIoT requirements.

Multi-Protocol Translation

The ProtoAir wireless gateway provides OEMs with the ability to perform standard protocol translation between devices over a wireless network when wired networks are not available or difficult to access using Wi-Fi and cellular. This will enable access between devices or networks of devices to management systems or to the cloud for remote device management, control, and diagnostics.

As a member of the well-regarded FieldServer IIoT gateway and router family, the ProtoAir offers all the benefits of the FieldServer family, such as flexibility with the world’s largest library of 140+ protocols as well as low installation and operating costs. The ProtoAir has the ability to connect to any one or more of the FieldServer standard drivers via the serial or Ethernet port, enabling connectivity to different devices and or networks wirelessly.

Local Applications and Modern Configuration

Like all of the FieldServer gateways and routers, the ProtoAir has an application engine that hosts local applications for configuration, monitoring, logging, security, diagnostics, and updates. Any PC connected to the same LAN or WAN as the ProtoAir can cue up these applications on any browser at any time.

In addition, the ProtoAir can also act as a Wi-Fi access point. Any mobile device like a smartphone can connect directly to the ProtoAir's self-created network without needing to be on a pre-existing LAN or WAN. This allows any user with just a smartphone to perform easy configuration from any location within the facility.

Connect to the Cloud

Enjoy the benefits of the cloud connectivity through the FieldPoP™ device cloud. The ProtoAir is FieldPoP-enabled, meaning all ProtoAirs can be registered to FieldPoP, Sierra Monitor’s device cloud for the IIoT. The FieldPoP web interface lets users remotely access, in a secure fashion, the applications that are available locally on the registered ProtoAir.

The FS-GUI, the application for checking the status and diagnostics of a FieldServer product, is the standard application that comes with every ProtoAir. To be truly cloud-connected and IIoT-empowered, users can work with us to develop custom applications. Custom applications include:

System View, which gives users the ability to see all connected devices and drill down into them for more information.
Historian, which allows users to select device data to timestamp, store, and view on a graphical display.
Event Logger, which gives users a comprehensive listing of events, such as alarm notifications from devices.
These applications offer functionality for configuration, monitoring, logging, security, diagnostics, and updates. In addition, 3rd party applications can utilize the REST API to collect and stream the ProtoAir's data points from FieldPoP.


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