REG-MBS-RTU: Interface for Modbus over 485 system supervision (RTU protocol)

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REG-MBS-RTU: Interface for Modbus over 485 system supervision (RTU protocol)

The interface for supervising a Modbus over 485 system (RTU protocol) is designed for mounting in an electrical cabinet, on a DIN rail (2 modules). The supervisory system to which the interface is connected must have a ModBus RTU(RS-485) protocol. The communication parameters are given in the table in the "programming instructions" section. The interface allows a third-party supervisory system to modify and read the parameters of the REG system, which is seen as a slave device. All connections are made via removable terminals.

The module is equipped with LEDs for status indication:

  • PWR = power supply
  • COMM = communication with the REG system
  • ALARM = not used
  • BUS = communication via ModBus protocol with third-party supervision system

A 16-position rotary switch is provided for selecting the module address and communication parameters


  • Standard Din Installation Guide
  • Din Rail Modules 2
  • storage and use humidity 10....90% HR
  • Maximum consumption 100 mA
  • Weight 90g
  • Power supply 12-14 Vdc
  • Dimensions 36 x 90 x 59 mm
  • Degree of protection IP IP00
  • Storage temperature -40 .... +85 °C
  • Fire resistance class A
  • Operating temperature -20 .... +55 °C
  • Modbus 485 (RTU) protocol


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