RESI-1LED-MODBUS Comando striscie LED via MODBUS

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RESI-1LED-MODBUS:Serial interface module from RS485 with MODBUS/RTU slave protocol to dimmable PWM LED output channels for direct connection of LED stripes (RGB, dual white or monocolour LED stripes)

4Ultra-slim IO modules (only 17.5mm width!) is designed for remote applications, to collect or control only a few IO signals.

All our modules communicate with a RS232 or RS485 interface via MODBUS/RTU slave protocol. Our RESI-xx-ASCII series offers additionally a text oriented ASCII protocol.

The RESI-1LED-xxx products can fade and control LED stripes. This can be RGB-LED stripes, dual white LED stripes or mono color LED stripes with common anode. The module offers three PWM dimmable channels with external power supply 0..48Vdc, max. 360W@24Vdc for the LED stripes and 400Hz PWM frequency.

The product is suitable for applications in ships, hotel rooms, shops, bars, private living, meeting rooms, public areas, fountains, …

Everywhere, where you want to add some LED light effects to your installation


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