Seriale USB ISO232

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ISO232: USB to RS232 converter with isolation Ready for industrial enviroments and critical applications.

Solid and safe with isolation!

High isolating strength of 1600 Vrms 1 min provides safe connections of potential shifted devices, high security for human and machine, and bewares of ground loops.

On-Chip Flow-Control

Fully assisted hardware (RTS/CTS, DTR/DSR) and XOn/XOff software handshaking on chip for fastest response times.

Active RS232 outputs

No additional power supply for the RS232 connection needed.

Led Indicators

4 colored functional lights, green: RxD, yellow: TxD, blue: USB activation for both isolated sides. Direct control of the data stream, easy check for correct connection and activation.

Special features

Unusal baudrates
New FTDI chip generation allows also the adjustment of non standard baudrates.

Supported OS

Compatible to:
Windows 10 *
Windows 8/8.1 *
Windows 7 *
Windows Vista *
Windows XP *
*including Microsoft certified driver
Kernel 2.4.x or higher, needed driver (ftdi_sio module) is part of all newer kernels.


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