Seriale USB ISO485

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USB to RS422/485 converter with isolation Ready for industrial environments and critical applications.

Universal and safe

The converter comes with a lot of setup possibilities to cover a wide range of bus applications. All operating modes can be easily selected at the 9 pin connection jack without opening the housing.
By its high isolating strength of 2.5kV rms 1 min, 420V pk working voltage it is usable in critical environments with potential shift and decouples the controlling components from the system bus.

Driver autoenable

Since multiple RS485 devices can send on a common line the output send driver must be activated only while sending. The activation is done automatically and completely transparent for the application by the converter

Special feature

Externally selectable Modes
RS422/RS485 Mode, Echo on/off, full/half duplex, termination resistors of RxD and TxD independently activable.
Direct control
of the data stream with 3 LEDs, easy check for correct connection and driver activation (USB), green: RxD, yellow: TxD, blue: USB activation.
Any baud rate
Latest FTDI chip generation allows the use of non standard baud rates

COM Port compatible

Full PC compatibiliy by transparent access via virtual COM port, for instance COMx (Windows) resp. /dev/ttyUSBx (Linux).

Supported OS


Kompatible to:
Windows 7 *
Windows Vista *
Windows XP *
Windows 2000 *
*including Microsoft certified driver

Kernel 2.4.x or higher, needed driver (ftdi_sio module) is part of all newer kernels.


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