TCC-80 Port-powered RS-232 to RS-422/485 converters with optional 2.5 kV isolation

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MOXA TCC-80: Industrial converter RS-232 to RS-422/485, supply by serial port

Devices of TCC-80 series provide the complete conversion of the signal between RS-232 and RS-422/485, without the need of an external feeder. Support both half duplex with 2 RS-485 wires and full duplex with 4 RS-422/485 wires, each of which can be converted on the TXD and RXD lines of the RS-232 port. In addition, TCC-80 have a 15 KV ESD protection against damage caused by electrostatic discharge.




RS-232 serial interface
  • Connector: DB9 female
  • RS-232 signaling: TxD, RxD, GND (Loop-back connection: RTS to CTS, DTR to DSR and DCD)
RS-422/485 serial interface
  • Connector: industrial terminal blocks or DB9 male
  • RS-422 signals: TxD+, TxD-, RxD+, RxD-, GND
  • RS-485-4w signals: TxD+, TxD-, RxD+, RxD-, GND
  • RS-485-2w signals: Data+, Data-, GND
  • RS-485 Data Direction Control: ADDC® (automatic data direction control)
Serial communication parameters 
  • Baudrate: 50 bps to 115.2 Kbps
  • ESD protection: 15 KV
Physical features
  • ABS + PC Box
  • Weight: 50 gr
  • Dimensions: 42 x 80 x 22 mm
Power supply
  • From RS-232 port (TxD, RTS, DTR) or external jack connector
  • 5 ~ 12 VDC
  • Max absorption: 10mA @ 5VDC
  • Reverse polarity protection: yes
  • Surge protection: yes
Envinronment conditions
  • Operating temperature: 0 ~ 60°C
  • Humidity: 5 ~ 95% (no condensation)


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