TCW241 - Ethernet I/O module 4DI 4AI and 4DO relay

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Ethernet I/O module 4DI 4AI and 4DO relay

TCW241 is an Ethernet I/O module. It provides four digital inputs and four analog inputs. Its 1-Wire interface suppotrs up to eight sensors like temperature, humidity, CO2, AC/DC current, 4/20mA etc.
The Ethernet I/O module has real-time clock (RTC) with time server synchronization (NTP) for advanced relay scheduler. It can be used for one-time or repetitive (weekly) tasks to turn on/off relays at previous set times.
TCW241 can initiate a connection (HTTP Post) to remote dedicated servers. The payload of this post is XML or JSON file, with current values of monitored parameters. HTTP post can be send periodicaly or on previous set alarm conditions.
The relays of Ethernet I/O module can be activated either remotely or locally. So called remote activation includes friendly WEB interface or M2M protocols – MODBUS TCP/IP, SNMP and HTTP API.
The local activation is possible from scheduler, status of single parameter or by custom made functions. They can include up to four parameters.


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