Three-phase energy meter with display for current transformers MID Certificate

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KET-PMT-218:Three-phase energy meter with display for current transformers MID Certificated

KET-PMT-218 is a self-powered energy meter for the and of energy measurement main environment and , with integrated communication industrial electrical parameters civil RS485 ModBUS RTU.

Certi!cated according to the directive , it can be used for measuring !scale. MID The KET-PMT-218 can be used in all kinds of control systems, SCADA systems and systems of energy management. It meets the technical requirements related to standards .

IEC62053-21With convenient DIN rail mounting, it is suitable for both industrial and civilian type switchboards.

Technical features

  • Degree of protection: IP51
  • Operating temperature: -25 +55 °C ÷
  • Storage temperature: -30 +70 °C ÷
  • Relative humidity: Max 95% non-condensing
  • Dimensions:90 x 72 x 65 mm (W x H x D)
  • Mounting:DIN rail mounting
  • DIN modules required:4 DIN modules
  • Switchboard type:Industrial or switchboard
  • Supply voltage: Self-powered: 230 ÷ 400 VAC (45-65 Hz)
  • Power consumption: ≤ 10 VA (single phase)
  • Connector type:Integrated screw terminals
  • Insertion:Three phase, three or four "li
  • Connection:CT with secondary max 5 A
  • Maximum Rated Current:1(6)A
  • Minimum Rated Current:Imin = 0.01A
  • Accuracy:±0.2%
  • Connections:Screw terminals
  • Configuration: From keypad
  • RS485 Supported protocols:ModBUS RTU
  • Communication speed:1200 ÷ 38400 bps
  • Insulation:Class II
  • Connector type:Integrated screw terminals
  • Voltage inputs:3×380 VAC (3 "li) - 3×230/400 VAC (4 "li)
  • Current inputs:3x1(6)A
  • Channels:1 pulse output
  • Approvals:CE, MID
  • Metrologia:EN62053-21


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