USB232CONV:Extra large protection

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USB232CONV:Extra large protection.

USB232CONV:Extra large protection.No more undefinable converter breakdown when connecting RS232 devices because of ±15 kV against ESD, short-circuit proof, high current load ±60 mA.

Solid and fast!

Converter and driver chips ensures data rates above 1 MBaud and therefor reliable data transmission also with highest rates.
No more undefinable convertor breakdowns when connecting RS232 devices because of:
Extra large input protection (±15kV) against destruction by electrostatic discharges.
RS232 outputs short-circuit proof, high current loads ±60mA

Led Indicators

3 colored functional lights, green: RxD, yellow: TxD, blue: USB activation. Direct control of the data stream, easy check for correct connection and activation.

Special features

Unusal baudrates
New FTDI chip generation allows also the adjustment of non standard baudrates.
Bigbang Mode
Parallel read/write of the signal lines like an IO port (3 inputs, 5 outputs)


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