Gateway for ABB ACS355/ACS850/ACS880/ACQ810 inverters

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245,00 €

Gateway preconfigured for interfacing, as Profibus/DP master, to an ABB ACS355/ACS850/ACS880/ACQ810 inverter

The GW-ABB-FBA01 gateway allows you to interface with an ABB inverter model ACS355 / ACS850 / ACS880 / ACQ810 and acquire up to 12 words in reading and 12 words in writing. The destination protocol is Modbus RTU Slave.
The gateway interfaces with the inverters via the ABB FBA01 board.

The parameters that are read and trasmitted from the gateway to the inverter are defined directly on the inverter using the paramaters of groups 52 and 53.

The gateway is supplied with a fixed communication configuration:

  • Profibus/DP side: 187,5 kbits polls inverter with Profibus address 3
  • Modbus RTU side: RS485 9600 8N1 address 21. Holding Register memory area for a total of 24 words

It is possible to habe a different configuration on the Modbus RTU side, but this must be specified when ordering and therefore cannot be changed.

The product is supplied with a 50cm long RS485 cable.
Il is possible to request a specific Profibus cable up to 50 cm long, ternìminated with standard Siemens connector (or equivalent). The Profibus cable is not included in the price.


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