Profibus BC600 analyzer

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PROFIBUS Protocol Analyzer: Universal tool for the analysis of PROFIBUS networks

PROFIBUS Protocol Analyzer: Universal tool for the analysis of PROFIBUS networks.
The PROFIBUS Protocol Analyzer bus-check is an indispensable tool for analyzing and optimizing communication in PROFIBUS networks.
Constant monitoring of a network, early detection of latent errors, optimization of data throughput or analysis of configuration errors - the protocol analyzer bus check PROFIBUS is perfectly suited to all these tasks.

Online diagnostics
A live list (list of all the stations active on bus) with tree structure provides, through indicators "traffic light" (red / yellow / green), a representation of the communication status of each device connected to the PROFIBUS, allowing to evaluate "at a glance" the state of the bus.
A more extensive live list with matrix structure shows parameters selectable for every single device.
The extensive diagnostic function allows continuous detection of all the essential parameters of a PROFIBUS-DP system and displays them for each individual device. Important events are recorded in a log and displayed for the entire bus or individual devices.
 The advantages

  • Visualization "at a glance" of the status of the bus thanks to the function "traffic light"
  • Wide online analysis of all the important parameters of a PROFIBUS network
  • Log function for all the bus or for the single devices
  • Registration and visulization filters 
  • Trigger with hardware input and output
  • Decodification of telegrams for FDL, DP, DP-V1, DP-V2
  • USB interface equipped with strong aluminium housing suitable for mobile use
  • Optional MBP connector for the direct connection to the PROFIBUS-PA networks
  • Future-proof: possibility to download other functions


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