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OPC Server to communicate with PLC Siemens©. S7-200™, S7-300™, S7-400™, the new S7-1200™ and LOGO™, inverter SINVERT™ on Ethernet network!

An OPC Server of the last generation ideal for monitoring the three-phase solar inverter model Siemens Sinvert™..

The Marcom OPC Server UA S7.NET has high performance and wide ease to use. As a leading supplier of OPC products, Marcom is proud to distribute the product much better on the market of OPC products for the communication with the way Siemens:

  • High performance: the communication on Ethernet network allows to reach high speed of data exchange
  • Easy and immediate configuration: ensures high speed of commissioning
  • Extremely convenient: a system of sizes to fit any requirement

The Marcom OPC Server UA S7.NET allows to quickly and compfortably access to process data in the controllers S7-200 (via CP-243), S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200 e LOGO, utilizing a single server. The variables are constantly adressed utilizing the STEP7 semantic, own development environments Siemens. 
With any client application that is compatible with the OPC specifications will be read and write all the input and output data, datablock and merker. Is possible to access simultaneously to an unlimited number* of controller.

( *: The number of reachable controller is determined by the resourses of the machine and by the network's topology)
For the communication with the Marcom OPC Server S7.NET is not necessary to modify the program. The access to the controllers can be made directly via Ethernet. 
An intelligent algorithm of reading and writing requests management allows to optimized data throughput in a extremely efficiently way: the block reading allows a refresh data without equal.
The configuration is made through a convenient graphic interface, either manually or thanks to a tool for importing of symbolic names from STEP7 projects or from Excel file. Existing configuration for example can be esported to Excel from visualization systems or process control in order to be conveniently loaded on Marcom OPC Server S7.NET.


The major features of OPC Server are:

Link / Connections Access to process data of the PLC S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200 and LOGO via Ethernet
Type of data supported BOOL, BYTE, WORD, INT, DWORD, DINT, REAL, TIME, TIMER, COUNTER, Array of Byte, Array of Word, Array of Int, Array of Float/Real
Dynamic variables support Yes, management creating / deleting variables from OPC client with OPC Server Siemens syntax. This option must be ordered separately in the license.
  • Intelligent configurator with automatic detection error address syntax
  • Equipped with highly advanced instrument for integration with development software Siemens Step7: allows the selection of DB and the variables to be imported automatically in the configuration, DIRECTLY FROM STEP7 PROJECT!
OPC Specification Compliant with OPC Unified Architecture (UA) rev 1.02 specification
OPC interfaces
  • All the interfaces included in the Data Access specification
  • Static namespace through the simbology imports from STEP7 or Excel
Types of data OPC Types of data VARIANT UI1, I1, UI2, I2, UI4, I4, R4, R8, BOOL as well as fields with these types of data
Suported operating systems Compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008, Windows Vista and Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit)
Support multilingual Italian and English with HELP on line

Available gateway MPI-Ethernet that allows the use also with PLC equipped with only the Ethernet port.



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