Copper LAN cabling certification tester up to 10Gbits / sec

SKU: WIREXpert 500 IE
MPN: 228335
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WIREXpert 500 IE: The cheapest tester for copper LAN cabling certification.Certifies cabling up to 10Gbits / sec

The most affordable tester for copper LAN cabling certification

Certify up to 10Gbits/sec cabling in a few seconds
It is increasingly common today for electrical contractors to get projects for installing network cabling systems. WireXpert 500 allows you to maximize the value you can provide to your customers, without adding complexity or heavy cost. Your technicians can certify copper cabling systems from CAT5e to CAT6A (Class D to Class EA) easily with WireXpert 500, allowing you to produce professional test reports for your customer.

Unsurpassed measurement accuracy reveals hidden faults in the telecommunication cabling, thus eliminating complaints

Ultra-fast measurement and certification procedures in combination with practical test features expedite your workflow. It takes just 9 seconds per cabling link to perform the specified measurements and data analysis

Highly accurate results and professional reporting provide customer-ready output

Intuitive user interface on a large color LCD touchscreen makes it easy for anyone to operate the unit


Includes two measurement units: local and remote, Li-Ion batteries, power supplies, USB drive, hard carry case, calibration certificate and Class EA certification software license, 2x headset,
2 x 228179 Class EA End-to-End-Adapter,
2 x 228153 Tera to pre-Link measurement cables,
1 x 228080 referencing cable,
2 x 228155 pre-Link M12 D socket,
2 x 228156 pre-Link M12 X socket,
2 x 228157 pre-Link M12 D plug,
2x 228158 pre-Link M 12 X plug,
2 x 228162 RJ45 socket,
2 x 228154 RJ45 plug
USB stick, quick reference guide


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