INBOX310:Embedded Android Industrial Computer

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INBOX310:Embedded Android Industrial Computer

Android Operating System combining ARM processor architecture, a brand new solution is now made available to device manufacturers insisting on video and image processing quality.

By integrating Android OS with Freescale Cortex-A9 processor i.MX6, the InBox310 Embedded Android Industrial Computer brings to manufacturers, especially advertisement & media player manufacturers who have been relying
on X86 based computing platforms a solution of lower power consumption and less heating. With OpenGLES2.0 and OpenVG™1.1 hardware accelerators, and full HD 1080P video coding engine, the InBox310 enables media playback devices to deliver smooth and lively video experiences. 

With 1000M Ethernet and 3G/4G cellular network support, the InBox310 is “always online” for media content update or remote network communication. It has rich peripheral ports including multiple serial ports, USB ports and HDMI port to connect a wide range of peripherals, from scanner, printer, ID or traffic card reader, POS device, to infrared touchscreen, video camera, mouse, and LED screen, etc


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