Telecamera di rete 5G AIoT 4X/12X Pro Bullet Plus con LoRaWAN. Videosorveglianza di nuova generazione che sfrutta il 5G, l'IoT e l'AI
Telecamera di rete 5G AIoT 4X/12X Pro Bullet Plus con LoRaWAN. Videosorveglianza di nuova generazione che sfrutta il 5G, l'IoT e l'AI
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5G AIoT 4X/12X Pro Bullet Plus Network Camera Next Generation Video Surveillance Leveraging 5G, IoT and AI

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5G AIoT 4X/12X Pro Bullet Plus Network Camera with LoRaWAN
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5G's spectrum is higher in frequency than the bands used in 4G and earlier generations of cellular networks. Thanks to the high bandwidth and massive network capacity of 5G networks, Milesight 5G AIoT Pro Bullet Plus Camera is qualified to stream ultra high definition videos up to 4K even 8K, supporting upload and download ultra high resolution footages within few seconds. 5G technology differs from previous generations of cellular technology in that the response time required for a set of data to be transmitted between two points is significantly reduced. Benefit brought by higher data speed of 5G technology, Milesight 5G AIoT Pro Bullet Plus Camera can greatly reduce the network latency and camera response time, providing smooth real-time monitoring with almost no lagging time.

Leveraging the high transmitted power of 5G, Milesight 5G AIoT Pro Bullet Plus Camera can transmit or receive video signals over Internet wirelessly by simply powering the camera and inserting a SIM card, eliminating the need of complicated cable and fiber connections. Compared with add-on routers, the built-in 5G module enhances the mobility of its deployment, providing a reliable security solution. Empowered by 5G and AI technology, Milesight 5G AIoT Pro Bullet Plus Camera has enriched connectivity feature for unparalleled flexibility and scalability. Compared with traditional video surveillance, smart video surveillance expands the scope of security monitoring, bringing new possibilities for industries such as Smart City, Smart Retail, Smart Medical, Smart Transportation and other fields.

5G will further open up the use cases for edge computing, benefiting AI algorithms running on the edge to deliver advanced video analytics solutions such as face detection, license plate recognition, etc. The decentralization greatly releases the computing power in central management, reducing the time cost, thus improving the comprehensive working efficiency. Milesight 5G AIoT Pro Bullet Plus Camera supports AI Video Analytics, People Counting, Face Detection. Powered by AI chip, it is capable of recognizing vast attributes of human, vehicle and object pattern recognition models. As vehicle and human related events are very important in security monitoring, filtering is supported to better optimize the efficiency.

More than just a network camera that can deliver video streams, the camera can communicate with and ingest data from IoT sensors, as well as visualize various data. Utilizing AI deep learning, it can give real-time analyses and alerts via numerous alarm actions. An entirely new set of capabilities emerges with Milesight AIoT Camera, which uses AI as a brain and IoT as sensory organs. The camera uses latest Semtech LoRa Chip and a 64-bit quad-core CPU to support receiving data from up to 8 end-devices at the same time, handles more traffic with less power consumption, and has a line of sight of around 15km in open area, making it ideal for a variety of applications.

The camera is able to communicate with end-devices that use the Standard LoRaWAN® Protocol and send encrypted data. A global LoRaWAN® Frequency Plan is supported to accommodate varied regional requirements, including CN470/RU864/IN865/EU868/AU915/US915/KR920/AS923. The built-in LoRaWAN® Network Server allows packets to be transmitted locally between the gateway and network server, removing the need of a third-party network server and improving interoperability while also reducing data traffic. It also supports MQTT, HTTP, and HTTPS APIs for easy integration.

Milesight applies Sony’s high sensitive 1/1.8" sensor whose capacity is approximately twice than that of the conventional ones. Its high sensitivity is designed for capturing saturated and sharp images even in pitch dark environment. Milesight 5G AIoT Pro Bullet Plus Camera is coupled with the 3 in 1 Super WDR Pro, 100fps high frame rate and 4K video viewing experience that deliver ultra-high-definition images with no latency despite of the high-speed movement. Featuring 4X/12X Optical Zoom Lens, Milesight 5G AIoT Pro Bullet Plus Camera achieves a clear visual experience perfectly for long distance. 5G antenna and LoRa antenna are built outside the camera and the 5G module is directly merged inside the camera. By inserting the SIM card, you can monitor in places where network wiring is not convenient. Do not worry if you are in complex environments, versatile interface and integrated junction box ensure installation neat and tidy.

Technical Specification

  • 2/8MP
  • AI
  • 5G
  • 4X/12X Optical Zoom
  • 3 in 1 Super WDR Pro
  • 1/1.8" STARVIS Starlight Sensor
  • 0.002Lux Ultra Low-light
  • 100fps
  • IP67
  • 4KV Surge Protection
  • Smart IR II
  • 180m IR Distance
  • P2P
  • PoE