BoB Assistant:Artificial intelligence at the service of predictive maintenance with LoRaWAN

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50-80-001:BoB Assistant:Artificial intelligence at the service of predictive maintenance with LoRaWAN

BoB Assistant is an IoT device that alerts you in real-time on the operating status of your machines. Prevent failures and reduce downtime with the power of artificial intelligence and connected objects. Deploy factory 4.0 with zero infra, zero cabling, and zero configuration!

BoB Assistant is a technology for predictive maintenance and operational assistance by permanent monitoring of vibrations and recorded temperatures of isolated systems (pump, air conditioning, cooling unit, fan…)


BoB learns quickly and well! It applies analysis algorithms embedded in its sensor to understand and monitor all of your equipment.


Zero infra, zero wiring, zero configuration. To install BoB, simply place it on your equipment. BoB works autonomously for several years.


BoB communicates accross LoRaWAN® networks, perfectly adapted to the Internet of Things (IoT). The maximum range for minimal energy consumption and long battery life!


Your equipment production data is safe with BoB. It retains it and sends only encrypted scan reports


BoB is deployed every day on various types of machinery across multiple industries, such as manufacturing, automotive, energy, oil & gas, building & facility management, plus more! There is almost no limit to the use of BoB Assistant!

Technical Features

  • Sensor BoB 1.1: 3 axis accelerometer, Embedded temperature sensor, Sampling frequencies: 800Hz and 25 600Hz, Monitored frequency: 0Hz – 12800 Hz, Monitoring wake-up period adjustable, Operating temp range : -20°C +55°C
  • Firmware: Autonomous learning and reporting by Artificial Intelligence, embedded by Cartesiam; Alarm Threshold on vibration anomaly; Peak frequency and FTT reports; Restart or complete learning; Setup reporting period
  • Power supply: AA 2000mAh battery (replaceable)
  • Nominal autonomy : > 2 years  (2 samples every 5 minutes and 8 transmissions per day)
  • Test & Qualifications: CE marked, qualified for industrial use EN 61000-6-2; Storage Class 1.2 ETSI EN 300 019 Part 1.1; Transport Class 2.3 ETSI EN 300 019 Part 1.2; Operating Class 5.2 ETSI EN 300 019 Part 1.5
  • Radio: Max transmission power 25mW in the radio band 868.0 to 868.6MHz; LoRa® 1.0 Class A, Class C (compatible), SF6-SF12; LoRa® sensitivity : -137 dBm
  • Casing: IP68 Polyamide casing; Dimensions : 76 x 79 x 23 mm (incl. fixing lug); Weight : 75g
  • 2x magnets and nuts supplied


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