LoRaWAN DO200 Parking Sensor

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DO200: LoRaWAN Parking Sensor,detection distance 40 cm

Option M4IOT

Through the built-in with LoRaWAN wireless module, the parking bay occupation sensor which helps the user to monitor the status automatically via network server, gateway and application or Mobile App. This mobile application is very useful and helpful for the user at the final user can monitor the status remotely.

The DO200 parking occupation detector combines ultrasonic and magnetic technology. With the redundant technology of sensor, it achieves accuracy of 99%. The error has only happened while extreme environment, like flood and thunder at the same time.

Through built-in LoRaWAN module, users can monitor the parking space remotely. Based on low power consumption, the battery can work for more than 3 years
at 4 times report per day.


  • Dimension/Weight 115*115*50mm, 150g
  • Color Black
  • Shell Material ABS
  • Detector: Principle Ultrasonic + Magnetic
  • Detection Range 10-50cm
  • Ultrasonic precision 3mm
  • Accuracy 99%
  • Controller MCU STM32, 32bit ARM® core controller
  • Wireless Communication Lorawan
  • Power Internal Battery 8000mAh @ 3.6V
  • Waterproof Protection Level IP67


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