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UC1122-868 Network LoRaWAN 2*AI 1*DI 1*Relay Output

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UC1122-868:Network LoRaWAN 2*AI 1*DI 1*Relay Output

LoRaWan Remote I/O,Support LoRaWAN class C

Controlled by custom logic formula.Operate autonomously while the network is unavailable

Embedded with multiple trigger conditions and actions, Ursalink UC1122 allows users to create various combinations of commands accordingly. Ursalink UC1114 enables users to fastly build up a LoRa-Based IoT solution for monitoring and control of remote devices without travelling on-site back and forth.


  • 2x analog Inputs, 1x digital Input, 1x Relay
  • Quick configuration by USB
  • Hundred of combinations of trigger conditions and actions
  • Embedded with timer and hardware watchdog
  • Rugged metal enclosure optimized for shelf mounting