GPS multiband antenna + GSM‐ETACS‐NNT‐PCN‐UMTS

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GPS active vehicular antenna + GSM‐ETACS‐NNT‐PCN‐UMTS with adhesive base for buses and vehicles in general

GPS active antenna + GSM and GPRS/UTMS.
It allows the simultaneous connection of a GPS receiver and a GPRS/UMTS router.

Cable lenght: 3 meters and SMA male connector

Ideal for use on buses, to connect a router (eg. Teltonika RUT500) and provide WiFi connectivity to passengers.

Features of GPS antenna:

Type of antenna Active Planar Antenna
Central Working frequency 1575,42 MHz +/- 1,023 MHz
V.S.W.R. less than 2.0 
Impedance 50 Ohm
Polarization RHCP
Power supply 2.7 - 5 V
Absorption 12 mA @ 2.7 V / 27 mA @ 5 V
Gain 2 dB
Connector SMA Male
Cable lenght 3 mt


Features of GPRS/UMTS antenna:

Type of antenna Pifa Antenna
Frequency GSM-ETACS-NNT: 824 / 960 MHz
PCN-GSM: 1710 / 1880 MHz
UMTS: 1900 / 2170 MHz
V.S.W.R. less than 2.0 
Impendance 50 Ohm
Max power 10 W
Emission Omnidirectional
Gain 2.14 dB
Connector SMA Male
Cable lenght 3 mt



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