Unify Enclosure IP65 100x75x38 Solar

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Unify Enclosure IP65 100x75x38 Solar

The Unify Enclosures are modular IP65 rated outdoor enclosures that include tailored features to support WisBlock Base Boards and WisBlock Modules, but are highly adaptable to any application with spacious internals and thoughtfully designed universal mounting options.The variant with solar panel has an 80 x 45 mm size solar panel integrated in the lid and a matching cable for the Solar Panel Connector of the WisBlock Base Boards. Depending on the power consumption of your application it can recharge a battery and make the product independent of an external power source.Deployment of your IoT solution is easy thanks to a range of swappable mounting accessories that enable you to install your IoT solution in any setting. These accessories are hosted on the rear surface of the enclosure using the integrated mounting locations and are secured with M3 fasteners into robust and reusable brass threaded inserts.The 100x75x38mm enclosure has enough internal space to support the following WisBlock Base Boards - RAK19003, RAK19007, RAK5005-O.There is also space for a flat profile LiPo battery to be hosted under an internal mounting plate. The space available below a mounting plate in standard configuration is approximately 55x34x6mm excluding narrow sections where there are enclosure features.

Technical Features

  • IP65-rated
  • with Solar Panel
  • Dimensions L x W x H: 100 mm x 75 mm x 38 mm
  • Available in two (2) colors: cool gray and white color
  • Two base plate options: Plain Base Plate and WisBlock Bespoke Base Plate
  • Support the application of various scenarios via optional mounting accessories
  • Allows customization service without MOQ and supports CNC machining, painting, label printing, etc
  • Panel Dimensions: 80 mm x 45 mm x 1.7 mm (±0.2 mm)
  • Voltage at nominal power: 5 V (±10%)
  • Current at nominal power: 90 mA (±5%)
  • Cell efficiency: 18%
  • Working Environment:   Temperature (0-65°C)   Humidity (45-85%)   UV resistance
  • The ZH1.5-2P connector:   Red cable wire is for the positive pole     Black cable wire is for the negative pole


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