EECHO XL - Industrial Combiner SMS GPRS WEB

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EECHO XL - Industrial Combiner SMS GPRS WEB


eecho is the new and innovative telemetry product designed to meet the control and management needs of small unmanned industrial plants.

eecho is enclosed in a 4 DIN industrial container and is equipped with analogue/digital I/Os and an integrated GSM modem. eecho works with SMS technology, the most widespread, reliable and economical form of data transmission.


eecho GSM is a GSM unit for remote control by the network operator by sending coded SMS to intervene on the interface protection system (SPI) digital input (IN1) to detect the status of the Interface Device (DDI) and SMS sending of opening and closing of the DDI

can only be configured via dedicated software (mini USB type B communication port) an additional output and input, configurable via software


eecho works at zero cost!

activates a relay output free of charge by a simple ring (gate, irrigation, etc.)
safe and efficient because it only acts if it recognises the number in the memory
configures the type of operation to be carried out

eecho controls and commands

know the status of the digital inputs (running a motor, pump, compressor, etc.)
controls a connected device (motor, pump, compressor, etc.)
forwards SMS or telephone rings to the configured contacts if alarms occur (mains failure, motor fault, etc.).

eecho measures analogue quantities

know the value of the analogue quantity being monitored (current, level, pressure, etc.)
Sends SMS or telephone rings to configured contacts if alarm thresholds are exceeded
automatically activates a relay in the event of an alarm

eecho counts pulses

know the number of pulses generated by a device (energy, water, gas meter, etc.)
decide to be alerted when a certain number of counts is exceeded
automatically activate one of the relay outputs when the set threshold is exceeded

eecho times the time

know the time elapsed since the start of the event
decide to be alerted when a certain time is exceeded
automatically activates a relay in the event of an alarm

eecho talk to each other

manage simple automation rules by making several eecho communicate with each other
activate a relay in case of an event of another eecho through simple, reliable and cheap SMS or free phone calls
decide to be alerted if an alarm occurs

eecho alerts you if the power supply fails

warns of power failure thanks to an internal backup battery

eecho informs you periodically

you can schedule the automatic sending of an SMS containing the instantaneous values and the time counter / pulse counter totals


eecho is simple and functional

simple and intuitive programming via SMS messages and free configuration software
compatible with all telephone operators



Power supply: 12-24 Vac/Vdc
Absorption: 100 mA max
On-board I/O: 2DI, 2DO
Antenna: SMA-F stylus with magnetic base - 2.5m cable
GSM/GPRS module: Quad Band 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
Battery: 1 internal rechargeable Ni-Mh battery
Communication: 1 mini USB type B


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