MR-RO-1: 1 outputs RELAY MODBUS module

GTIN: 5908312598718
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FF-MR-RO-1: 1 outputs RELAY module

The MR-RO-1 module is used as an external device that extends relay outputs of the PLC programmable controllers or other devices in which data is exchanged via the RS-485 port with MODBUS RTU protocol.


  • 1 NO/NC separated contact
  •  ON / OFF control
  • output status
  • timer control options:
    - delayed activation
    - delayed activation for a preset time
    - cyclic operation ON / OFF
    - cyclic operation OFF / ON
  •  state memory state after power outage
  • automatic start for time function
  • time of the last output switching
  • number output switching
  • number of executed cycles for time functions


The MR-RO-1 module is equipped with a controllable relay output (separated contact). The output operates according to the preset mode of operation and parameters assigned to it. The setting and reading the output status, operation parameters and adjustment of all communication and data exchange parameters is carried out via RS-485 port using MODBUS RTU communication protocol. Power is indicated by a green LED U light. Correct data exchange between the module and other device is indicated by the LED yellow Tx light.



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