InRouter200 Compact Industrial 4G/ Wi-Fi Router

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InRouter200 Compact Industrial 4G/ Wi-Fi Router

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InRouter200 is a series of IoT wireless router that integrates 4G network, a virtual private network and other technologies. It relies on a 4G wireless wide area network and Wi-Fi wireless local area network technology to provide uninterrupted multiple network access capabilities. With its comprehensive security and wireless services and other features, IR202 support up to 10,000 level equipment networking, providing high-speed data access for equipment informatization. The design of IR202 fully meets the needs of unattended on-site communication and adopts software and hardware watchdogs and multi-level link detection mechanisms to ensure the stability and reliability of communication.

Technical Features

  • Supports 4G/LTE/CAT4 high speed network
  • 2 Ethernet ports, WAN/LAN
  • Support IPSEC VPN functions
  • Multiple link redundancy design ensures uninterrupted communication
  • Supports InHand Device Manager cloud platform, realizes remote centralized network management
  • Support large-scale equipment network deployment
  • Compact sized, easy to fit

Beware that product cannot be used on Inconnect cloud and does not have OPENVPN


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