InConnect Service Secure Remote Connection Plug & Play

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InConnect Service Secure Remote Connection Plug & Play

Simple plug & play service which builds secure remote networks for your IoT applications. It allows you to connect to remote sites via PC or mobile devices and your remote devices (PLCs, HMIs) can talk to each other within the secure private network. InConnect makes it easy for remote monitoring, management and troubleshooting with reduced onsite visits.

Easy Remote Connections

InConnect is a plug & play and easy-to-use service which helps you remotely connect to multiple sites at anytime from anywhere.

● Access remote devices such as PLC, HMI, IPC at multiple sites via PC/mobile phone

● Support various connections including user-to-device, site-to-site, device-to-device, one-to-one, and multiple-to-multiple

Advanced Security

From firewall protections to encrypted data transmission and user authentication & access control, the InConnect service is fully secure for your applications.

● Hosted VPN solution on cloud

● CA certificate on InRouter VPN client

● Secure data transmission via VPN tunnel

● CA authentication on PC and mobile phone


Highly Scalable for IoT

From small scale to large scale deployment, InConnect makes it extremely easy for your business expansion.

● Easily add remote sites to your account as your business grows

● Support up to 200 remote sites

● Compatible with IoT applications such as Industrial Automation, Digital Signage/Kiosk, Traffic Monitoring and etc.

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