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Device Manager Cloud Platform

In a time of artificial intelligence, big data and Internet of Things, the wave of equipment digitization continues to rise, getting equipment Internet connected has become imperative for enterprises. With large numbers of communication devices deployed in the field, comes the problem of how to centrally and efficiently manage and maintain these devices. To this end, InHand Networks provides the Device Manager remote network management cloud platform. Combined with InHand’s industrial-grade cellular
network devices, it provides mature and reliable network management solutions for electric power, manufacturing, transportation, medical, agricultural, environmental, earthquake monitoring and other industries. Device Manager helps customers to centrally manage and remotely maintain the InHand network devices on remote ends.

Suitable for IoT networking of field devices on distributed sites. Industries may include:

  • Transportation and security
  • Smart medical
  • Electric power
  • Mechanical processing
  • Sanitation and environmental protection
  • Financial self-service terminal
  • Energy: oil & gas
  • Public utilities: heat supply, water supply
  • Other


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