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MC-PFS-VPN:VPN PORT FORWARD Service Marcom annual license

If you have equipment that can handle a VPN client, but you don't have a VPN infrastructure or you don't need it since you only have a few devices, this solution allows you to always reach the website or service with a minimal cost. displayed on a door in your device.

We give you a public address with a corresponding port to reach a port on your device via the Internet. The license term is annual. Secure authentication via SHA 256 certificates. The service is limited to the exposure of a single port.

If your device is unable to handle the VPN, we can provide you with a device that at a minimum cost is able to do so for both copper and cellular connections.


  • Traffic included: 1 GB / month
  • Authentication: based on Certificates
  • Security: AES-256-CBC 256-bit encrypted channel
  • Compatibility: Based on OpenVPN

Compatible clients

The following clients have been tested and are compatible with the MC-PFS-VPN server:

  • Inhand Networks IR611S / IR691 / IR695 / IR791 / IR794 / IR912 / IR915
  • Teltonika RUT230 / RUT240 / RUT900 / RUT950 / RUT955
  • Mikrotik RouterBoard RB750 / RB951 / RB411 / ...
  • LOYTEC devices with OPENVPN client
  • WAGO devices with OPENVPN client


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