VPN Server CLOUD (20 client)

GTIN: 3343084162187
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MC-CLOUD-VPN: VPN Server based on OpenVPN technology up to 200 client. Secure authentication with certificates

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MC-CLOUD-VPN: VPN Server based on OpenVPN technology up to 200 clients. Secure authentication with certificates.

 The proposed solution is sold as a service with an initial amount for the creation of the server, including the first year, and then annual fee.

Secure authentication using personal certificates created with custom parameters.
Different sizes are available depending on the number of clients that need to connect.

The system foresees the configuration of the firewall to allow the various clients to see each other, reach each other and allow the LAN-to-LAN architecture.



  • Processor: 1 Intel Xeon E5 v3 CPU
  • RAM: 1 Gb
  • Traffic included: 10 Gb / month (additional paid traffic)
  • Authentication: based on RSA Certificates generated for the customer with a duration of 10 years
  • Security: 128 bit encrypted BF-CBC channel
  • Compatibility: based on OpenVPN 2.3.4


Compatible clients

The following clients have been tested and are compatible with the MC-CLOUD-VPN server

  • Inhand Networks IR611S / IR300 / IR691 / IR695 / IR791 / IR794 / IR912 / IR915
  • Teltonika RUT230/RUT240 / RUT900 / RUT950 / RUT955
  • Mikrotik RouterBoard RB750 / RB951 / RB411 / ...
  • OpenVPN Client PC / Mac / Linux
  • Loytec Controller


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