AVL Terminal - FM1204

MPN: FM1204
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TELTONIKA: FM1204 - IP67 and Li-Po battery, GPS/GSM waterproof vehicles tracker


GPS/GSM waterproof vehicles tracker

Waterproof case (IP67)
Large Flash Memory (16MB!)
To store registrations up to 120 days in case of lost connession or roaming connession
Remote log reading
To solve problems remotely
Configurable behavior device
To personalize data sending and acquisition for different applications or to reduce GSM costs
Accurate online tracking
Under alteration of time, distance and angle
integrated scenarios:
- Overspeed to ensure the driver and avoid penalties
- Authorized drive (50 iButton keys) to avoid thefts
- Immobilizator
integrated back-up battery

FM1204 is a terminal with GPS and GSM connectivity, that is able to determine the coordinates of the object and transfer them through the GSM network. This device is perfectly suitable for applications, that need acquisition of localization of remote objects. It's important to note that FM1204 has additional inputs and outputs, which let you control and monitor other devices on remote objects. FM1204 also has a USB port for the output of the device status log and to enter the configuration.


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