D540 UHF Radiomodem (HPDL868) 868MHz with lambda/4 868 antenna

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MPN: D540-211E04
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D540 UHF Radiomodem (HPDL868) 868MHz with lambda/4 868 antenna

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The D5 series radio modems, equipped with RS232 and RS485 serial ports, are completely configurable via software both locally and remotely via radio and on-fly channel change directly from DTE.
The devices have an optoisolated digital input and a relay output that can be used for radio transmission of signals and alarms.

Different operating profiles programmable via software allow data transmission in point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, broadcasting or address mode which, together with the digipeater function, allows the routing of the packet in areas not directly reachable in a single section.


  • RS232 and RS485 serial connectivity
  • Integrated I / O for signalling and / or alarm management. Mirror functionality for I / O transmission between two radio modems
  • Digirepeater functionality
  • Interfaces RS232-RS485 serial port.
  • 1 digital input 1 digital output

The different codes available correspond to different types of Antenna and antenna cable

Power supply must be ordered separately


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