ATC-3200 - ZIGBEE serial modem

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MPN: ATC-3200
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ATC-3200: Radiomodem serial-ZigBee-connections for point - point and point-to-multipoint. Supports MODBUS communication

ATC-3200-Zigbee wireless modem Serial extremely efficient.

It 's based on ZigBee technology and is ideal for a wide range of applications: replacement of the RS-232 cable, networks, multi-drop RS-485.
Available in ZigBee allows you to bring RS-232/422/485 serial communication on the radio.



Monday, 21 May 2018
Ottimo prodotto con rapporto qualità/prezzo molto buono. Buona portata del segnale radio, facile configurazione tramite l'eseguibile QR RS232 1 to N.exe. Utilissimo nei casi in cui la posa di un cavo dati risulti poco agevole o troppo onerosa.
Ivan Tessarolo
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