PowerSens2 Remote Monitor and Control Unit

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TPDIN-Monitor-WEB2:Remote station monitor and control. WEB and SNMP access. Voltage, Amp, Temp, Relay Control.

The PowerSens device is a web-based remote monitor and control system. It is a versatile tool that allows the designer and installer to remotely monitor his equipment and site.
The unit can be accessed via the network (web and SNMP) to remotely monitor up to 4 voltages, 4 currents, 2 temperatures and control the power supply to the various equipment using the 4 on-board relays. The system is equipped with surge protection to prevent damage from electric shock.


  • Remotely Measure 4 Voltages, 4 Currents, 2 Temperatures
  • Remotely Control Equipment with 4 Relays: 2 NC and 2 NO
  • Utilize Compound Logic
  • Automatic Control of Relays by Volts, Amps, Temp, Ping, Time
  • Access via Web or SNMP. Automatically Send Email Alerts
  • On-Board Datalogger and History Graphs
  • Customizable UI
  • Accepts power via PoE (802.3af or Passive) or wire terminal
  • DIN Rail Mounting




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