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The antenna, comprehensive of radio system, provide a revolutionary cost / performance ratio for solutions for broadband. (up to 30km @ 100 Mbps)

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Using the InnerFeed&trade technology, the new AirGrid M represents the evolution of outdoor wireless broadband devices. The antenna, comprehensive of radio system, provide a revolutionary cost / performance ratio for solutions for broadband.


The product design is strong and simple and can be installed both in vertical polarization and in horizontal polarization. The cureted mechanical design offers performance of high resistance to weathering and the bad weather. Have been provided LEDs indicating the presence of power and the level of the RF signal.
The protection against overvoltage allows the prolonged functioning even in the most hostile environments.


The product is able to guarantee a throughput of more than 100 Mbps and an outdoors flow rate up to 30 km.


The Ubiquiti AirGrid products use the revolutionary TDMA AirMax protocol allowing scalability and high network performance. Moreover the AirControl™ application allows operator to centrally manage up to 100 devices.


The product is available in 4 different versions:

  • AirGrid M2-16 - 2.4GHz with 16dBi dual pol antenna.
  • AirGrid M2-20 - 2.4GHz with 20dBi dual pol antenna.
  • AirGrid M5-23 - 5GHz with 23dBi dual pol antenna.
  • AirGrid M5-27 - 5GHz with 27dBi dual pol antenna.


The output power is is adjustable in order to adapt to the laws of the various countries.


The order code includes the following parts:

  • Nr 1 AirGrid M
  • Nr 1 Kit for pole mounting
  • Nr 1 Active POE injector


MODEL AirGrid M2-16 AirGrid M2-20 AirGrid M5-23 AirGrid M5-27
Ethernet Port 1 x 10/100Base-TX (RJ45)
Operating frequency/Channel 2.412-2.462GHz 5.475GHz - 5.825GHz
RF Modulation 802.11g: OFDM
802.11a: OFDM
RF Output power 802.11g: 20dBm@1-24Mbps, 16dBm@54Mbps
802.11n: 20dBm@MCS0, 15dBm@MCS7
802.11a: 20dBm @1-24Mbps, 16dBm @54Mbps
802.11n: 20dBm @MCS0, 15dBm @MCS7
Receiver sensibility 802.11g: -97dBm @1-24Mbps, -75dBm .@54Mbps
802.11n: -96dBm .@MCS0, -74dBm .@MCS7
802.11a: -97dBm @1-24Mbps, -75dBm .@54Mbps
802.11n: -96dBm .@MCS0, -74dBm .@MCS7
Data speed 54, 48, 36, 24, 18, 12, 9, 6, 1Mbps
Operating mode Station (Client), Station (WDS), Access Point, Access Point WDS/Repeater, Transparent Bridge, Repeater
Scope up to 15Km up to 30Km up to 15Km up to 30Km
Security WEP (RC4 encryption algorithm), WPA, WPA2 (AES encryption algorithm)
Advanced features of Networking

Intelligent Routing
WDS - Wireless Distribution System
PPPoE - Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet
802.1d Spanning Tree Protocol
SNMP support
DHCP Server and Client

Link Parameters Antenna alignment and RSSI signal level
Site Survey
Radio statistics and Ethernet traffic
Management Through utilities based on web and Windows
Power supply PPoE 24V 5,5Watt max
Dimensions and Weight 280x356xmm 432x610xmm 280x356xmm 432x610xmm
0,8Kg 1,9Kg 0,8Kg 1,9Kg
Envinronment Operating Temperature from -30 to +75 °C
Operating Humidity from 5 to 95% with condensation
Approvals FCC Part 15.247, IC RS210, CE
Warranty 1 Year
Gain 16dBi 20dBi 23dBi 27dBi
Frequency Range 2.400-2.500GHz 5.3GHz - 5.9GHz
3dB radiation angle 30° Elevation, 20° Azimuth 20° Elevation, 15° Azimuth 15° Elevation, 10° Azimuth 8° Elevation, 5° Azimuth
Polarization Double Vertical/Horizontal

For more informations visit the PAGE WIKI


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