OPC 2 DDE conversion from OPC to DDE

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OPC 2 DDE OPC Client application complies with the specification and DDE Server Data Access 2.04. The ideal tool for connecting OPC products to products DDE. Also equipped with DDE server to test the communication.

OPC 2 DDE to integrate OPC and DDE, the new with the old!
When it is not easy to modify the software or SCADA already developed.

The product allows easy connection of OPC Server applications to DDE Client applications. Once you have configured the connection to the OPC Server via a graphical user interface easy and intuitive, all variables are available online at DDE client. Then allows the integration of data from different OPC Server DDE client applications (monitoring, data collection, ...) or Office applications such as Excel.

It is possible to download a demo version (30 minutes) of the product for a full test. Demo OPC 2 DDE.

Applications made​​:

Connecting OPC Server Wetzer of Endress & Hauser DDE Client to the supervisor of the Wonderware InTouch
Linking Excel Worksheets parameterization to different OPC Server

Main features are:

Connections Ability to connect multiple OPC servers simultaneously
Configuration Saving configuration and automatic load at startup
OPC Specification Compatible with Data Access 2.04
Traffic Analisys

Analysis and reporting of data exchanged over the network (performance analysis)
Window error detection

Additional Features

DDE Application Test Client application and Excel test
Operation as a system icon

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