OPC Client Datalogger

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Marcom OPC Client Datalogger to record data from the OPC server database Access, MySQL, MsSQL and SQlite.

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Marcom OPC Client Datalogger database logging values ​​from different OPC Servers!
A powerful application to store data for processing independent!

Marcom OPC Client Datalogger allows you to sample data from multiple OPC Server and save them to MySQL or MSSQL database .
Are present inotre advanced features such as:

  • the management of alarms , with the use of expressions and combinations of several variables
  • sampling of values ​​obtained by arithmetic operations on physical variables
  • data visualization and export to csv

Ideal for recording and viewing data for different purposes:

  • for quality control
  • for controlling data production or consumption
  • for interfacing with legacy applications without OPC interface
  • ... and many more ...

It is possible to download a version with limited operation (10 minutes run time ) to complete testing of the product.

The main characteristics of the product are :

Connections To more OPC Server at the same time

Integrated configurator 
Settable sampling time
Alarm management: setting thresholds, specific values​​, or Boolean values

OPC Specification Compliant with OPC Data Access (DA) 2.04 specification
Supported OS Windows 7/8/10 (32 bit e 64 bit) + .Net Framework 4.0



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