OPC Client to Database

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Marcom OPC Client to Database records the values from an OPC DA or UA client to various types of databases. Bidirectional function on the first row to write and read from database to OPC DA or UA Client

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Marcom OPC Client to Database is, on the one hand, an OPC Client DA / AE / UA and on the other it is able to interface with different databases.

Once the OPC Client, database connections and related tables have been configured, it is possible to configure the mapping of OPC variables to the fields of the database tables. It can also manage multiple OPC connections and multiple database connections at the same time.
The connection methods between OPC Client and Database are:
 - Timed writing of a record of a table with the current values of the OPC variables
 - Writing a record from a table with the current values of the OPC variables based on a trigger variable
 - Bidirectional updating of the variables that make up a table by updating and reading only the first row of the table

It is able to connect, locally or remotely, to the following databases:
 - Microsoft SQL Server
 - MySQL Server
 - SQLite file
 - CVS/TXT text file

On request it is possible to implement the connection to other types of databases.

A download of a limited time version (30 minutes of runtime) is available for the complete test of the product.
The product comes with the following licensing system: 50 variable license and unlimited variable license. It is always possible to upgrade to a higher category license.

The major features of the application are:

Configuration Browse of the local and remote OPC Server
Visual configurator through the mapping of the variables carried out with the drag and drop
OPC specification Compliant with OPC Data Access (DA) 2.04 specification
Compliant with OPC Alarms & Events (AE) 1.10 specification
Compliant with OPC Unifid Architecture (UA) 1.04 specification
Traffic Analysis Analysis and registration of data exchanged over the network
Diagnostics of communication at the level of OPC variables
Supported Data Type Boolean
Signed Integer 16bit
Signed Integer 32bit
Signed Integer 64bit
Float 32bit
Float 64bit
Supported operating systems Windows 7/8/10/11 (32 bit e 64 bit) + .NET Framework 4.6.2


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