OPC-IEC61850 (Without Limits)

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OPC Server to communicate with devices with standard IEC 61850

OPC Server to communicate with devices with standard IEC 61850

Object model : abstract definition of services, date and Common Data Classes, independent protocols sosttostanti .
Communication Specifications : defines the communication between the IEDs of the system auotmazione substations , map services available in the protocol
Easy interpretation is understandable language description of the data with

Availability RL6185 and RLGOOSE .
The advantages of using the product are:

  • Integration and real interoperability between IEDs from different vendors , software and hardware
  • Provides a high-level support for the communication between substations using functions understandable communication between them
  • Simplifies the specification , design and configuration of the system
  • Reduces the cost of installation , commissioning and maintenance
  • Provides a structured and hierarchical data model
  • Uses the standard for naming conventions
  • Implement a protocol that describes itself and an automatic search of the names
  • Normalize the file format for IED configuration , enables exchange of configurazionitra hardware devices by eliminating the dependence
  • Fast communication and multi-cast messages to the inter -relay
  • Scalable solution


IED supported ( already used in projects):

  • Siemens Models
  • Areva Models
  • All models Schneider
  • Cooper Models
  • ABB Models
  • SEL Models
  • Mita -Tech WP4x00
  • All Hyundai models
  • Nari All models
  • GE Models
  • Alstom Models
  • Ziv All models
  • Basler Models
  • Tapcon All models
  • All models TYTRONIK

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