OPC Server for SMA inverter

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OPC Server for the connection to SMA inverter

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OPC Server to connect to the SMA inverters.
Allows you to read, in a easy and fast mode, all sizes and states of the production of inverter.

The Marcom OPC Server SMA is the ideal tool to control the production of its SMA inverters. and keep monitored the states and anomalies to minimize non-productive periods.

The connection is made through the Sunny WebBox (sold separately).
Is available the download of a time-limited version (30 minuts of run time) for the complete test of the product.

The product is supplied with a licensing system that adapts to all needs. To receive more information about it, using the link below. Is always possibile to upgrade it to a higher category license.

Upon request it is possible to obtain the version with the OPC UA protocol or the gateway version to Modbus Slave.

The main features of the OPC Server are:

Link / Connections To multiple inverter simultanously, managing of multiple connections.
Connection trough Ethernet interface
Configuration Automatic configuration thanks to intelligent configurator that downloads the list of variables directly from the WebBox SMA
Upgrade Automatic update of the value of the variables at intervals settable from 10 seconds to 1 week
Ideal for remote systems unattended with UMTS / GPRS router traffic
OPC specification Compliant with OPC Data Access (DA) 2.04 specification
Additional features Simulation mode to test the behavior of the OPC in the office without the need to have a SMA inverter connected
Supported operating systems Windows 7/8/10/11 (32 bit and 64 bit) + .NET Framework 4.0
Multilanguage Support Italian and english with HELP online

For more information visit OPC Support

To download the software, you have to register on the website.


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