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OPC Server per collegamento a dispositivi Echelon™ i.LON® e i.LON® SmartServer tramite rete Ethernet. Supporto multi connessione, funzioni diagnostica avanzate.

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MCLON OPC Server to connect to multiple devices i.LON ® or i.LON ® SmartServer at the same time ! An OPC Server to the latest generation developed with. NET , capable of providing data of LON devices via gateways Echelon i.LON ® or i.LON ® SmartServer of OPC applications

The OPC Server MCLON is the ideal tool for connecting LON networks via gateways i.LON ® or i.LON ® SmartServer to OPC Client ( supervision or control systems ) .

i.LON ® and i.LON ® SmartServer are registered trademarks of Echelon ™ ( http://www.echelon.com ) .

In case you need to bring data from one device LON devices without supervision or more bindings of variables to each other , it is not necessary to use programming tool for LON networks .
It ' available to download a time-limited version (30 minutes run time ) to complete testing of the product.

The product comes with a licensing system that fits all needs : License 50 variables , licensed 500 variables , licensed 1,000 variables or license without restrictions. It 's always possible to upgrade to a higher category of license .

Applications made ​​:

  • Reading from the SCADA network via Ethernet via OPC Server MCLON and SmartServer data from energy meters Gossen Metrawatt U1387 ​​with LON interface
  • Reading from the SCADA network via Ethernet via OPC Server MCLON SmartServer and data modules from WAGO 819


The main features of the OPC Server are:

Connections To multiple devices via Ethernet TCP with SOAP service
SNVT Library Support library SVNTs by Standard LONMark (version 13)
UNVT Libraries Support libraries Echelon and BAS_Controller for UNVT data

Automatic download of the configuration on the device i.LON ® or i.LON ® SmartServer
Selection of variables to monitor and expose via the OPC interface
Saving configurations

OPC Specification Compatible with Data Access 2.04
Additional Features Simulation Mode

For moe informations visit WIKI PAGE




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