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OPC server for data acquisition unit high-speed Yokogawa (WT300 and WT500)

OPC-Server Yokogawa WT300 WT500! Data acquisition unit at high speed!
An OPC Server to the latest generation developed with. NET

WT.Net Yokogawa OPC Server is the ideal tool for connecting control systems and supervision to field devices with interfaces Yokogawa:

  • GPIB: interface developed by National Instruments.
  • USB: YOKOGAWA USB interface with dedicated drivers.
  • VXI-11: Ethernet interface.

Supports communication with devices for high-speed data acquisition model WT300 and WT500.

Embed a Modbus TCP Slave interface for reading data from an external Modbus master.

The software is based on Microsoft Framework 2.0

It is available to download a time-limited version (30 minutes runtime) for complete testing of the product.

The product comes with a licensing system that fits all needs: License 50 variables, licensed 500 variables, licensed unlimited variables, corporate license. It 's always possible to upgrade to a higher category of license.

Main features are:

Connections To multiple devices via Ethernet or USB
Configuration Smart Configurator with automatic address syntax errors
OPC Specification Compatible with Data Access 2.04
Traffic Analysis

Analysis and reporting of data exchanged over the network (performance analysis)
Diagnostics of communication at the level of OPC variables

Modem support Connecting to remote stations by call via modem executed command via OPC
Additional Features

Possibility of scaling of the variables at the OPC
Support block transfer with settable size to optimize communication
Importing / Exporting Configurations created
Optimized communication speed for USB protocol
Write variables from the configuration dialog of the OPC Server

Supported OS Compatible with WIN NT 4.0, WIN 2000, WIN 2003, WIN XP, WIN VISTA, WIN 7 / 8 (32 bit and 64 bit)



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