OPC Server UA Modbus Slave

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Marcom OPC Server UA Modbus Slave for TCP networks and for RS485/232 networks. Support multi-connections, advanced diagnostic functions.

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OPC Server UA and Modbus Slave with TCP and RTU protocol in the same product! An OPC Server of the last generation developed in .NET Framework 4.6.2 technology.

The Marcom OPC Server UA Modbus Slave is an OPC server towards a SCADA or another application and represents Modbus slave device towards the ethernet network or the serial port.

It is the ideal solution to collect data from remote stations connected to Internet network through GPRS/UMTS with Ethernet blocked ports ( for example Vodafone or WINDTRE). In this case the remote stations which act as Modbus master write through Internet on OPC Server UA Modbus Slave which then pass the data through OPC interface to the supervision or to sistems of data collection.
Is available the download of a time-limited version (30 minuts of run time) for the complete test of the product. 
The product is supplied with a licence system that adapts to all needs: 50 variables licence, 500 variables licence, without limits of variables licence. Is always possible to upgrade to a higher category license.

The main features of OPC Server are:

Link / Connections Support connections from multiple Modbus Master through Ethernet network (TCP or UDP)
Configuration Intelligent configurator with automatic address syntax errors
OPC specification Compliant with OPC Unified Architecture (UA) 1.04 specification
Traffic analysis Analysis and recording of data exchanged on the network (performance analysis)
Diagnostic of communication at the level of OPC variables
Additional features Possibility of data swap at byte, word, double word
Support block transfer with settable size to optimize communication
Import/Export of the created configurations 
Write variables from the configuration window of the OPC Server
Security Implements the opc.tcp and https protocols, include the management of anonymous access and username access with the ability to set read and write access rights for a single user or a user group.
Supported operating systems Windows 7/8/10/11 (32 bit and 64 bit) + .NET Framework 4.6.2

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