Marcom Modbus Slave DLL

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DLL developed in .NET environment to transform any application in a Modbus Slave device

Marcom Modbus Slave DLL allows you to integrate your software in a Modbus network.

Thanks to the DLL developed by Marcom in Microsoft Visual Studio.NET environment, it is possible to integrate one's own software, of any kind and with any functionality, inside a Modbus network.

The software is then seen as one or more Modbus Slave devices: it is possible to define

  • memory areas: Holding Register, Input Register, Input Status and Output Coil
  • variables supported on memory areas and manage these variables and their updates in your software, as a .NET object. The variable generates events on update (writing on the Modbus Master side) and events before writing on the application side for validation before the update.


The software is available in DEMO version 30 minutes with the following limitations: max 8 WORDs definable in each memory area, max 8 variables


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