Support Request

Support Request Procedure

  1. Request
    It is essential to request authorization for support from our. Technical Office, by filling in the following form.

    Without explicit authorization you will not be able to receive any support, either by telephone or by email.

  2. Costs for support
    Basic or advanced support on the configuration and use of the products marketed by Marcom is subject to a fee. The cost for the support depends on the specific request: for this it is necessary to specify in the most detailed way possible the problem encountered or the type of operation that you want to obtain from the device.
    Once the details have been received, our technicians will assess the situation and send a quote. This will be considered accepted only after written confirmation by email and, in the event that an advance payment is required, after payment has been made.

  3. Guarantee
    The guarantee for assistance received has a duration of no more than 5 working days and relates only to the operation for which action was taken.
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