1. R.M.A. Request
    It is essential to request to our Technical Office the Return Authorization number (RMA). This request must be expressed in writing by e-mail, using the attached form (to the indicated references) and providing detailed information about the defect or anomaly found. MARCOM does not assume responsibility for the data present on any storage medium (Hard-disk, SD Card, CDRom, ...). Therefore we recommend a preventive backup before shipment of the goods in the repair. For out-of-warranty repairs, a cost estimate will be formulated, which must be stamped and countersigned for acceptance. The non-acceptance of the estimate involves a cost charge for the verification intervention and any shipping costs to the manufacturer. RMA requests must be complete with the return address of the goods, a name and a reference email to contact for technical information.
    The DDT must indicate C / REPAIR.
    We will not accept returns without our RMA number or shipping charges. In such cases the shipment will be rejected.
  2. Return of the material
    The material repaired under warranty or out of warranty will be returned at customer's charge. The material being repaired will be processed in the technical times necessary for the repair work. These times may be extended if the repair requires the material to be returned to the manufacturer. In this case the technical times are around 30 days.

  3. Guarantee
    For all repaired products, a three-month warranty covers the only defect for which action was taken.


If no faults are found you will be charged the REPAIR COST OF € 40, this is also valid for products under warranty. If you do not consider it appropriate to accept the repair quote, you can opt for the scrapping (no charge) or for the return of the unrepaired device (€ 40 charge). The description of the fault must be as accurate as possible. An incomplete description may be the cause of failure to accept the repair. The RMA number must be indicated on the packaging and on all enclosed delivery notes. Goods not marked by the RMA on the packaging will be rejected. Shipment to our office is the responsibility of the sender. The company Marcom S.r.l. assumes no liability for damage incurred during transport.

Please sign shipping documents to: Marcom S.r.l. - via della Metallurgia, 11 - 37139 - 37135 Verona (VR)
Destination: Marcom S.r.l. - via della Metallurgia, 11 - 37139 - 37135 Verona (VR) - Italy
Return of products: Free of charge.
Payment Terms: Usual in use.
Guarantee: 3 months on the parts replaced or repaired outside the standard warranty terms.

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