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30 Sep 2016 14:16 - 30 Sep 2016 14:16 #582 by Luke
DALI gateway with LDALI MS1 was created by Luke
Dear Support
I'm trying to integrate in MODBUS DALI gateway attached device
Is it possible?
It seems not possible. I have configured all lamps correctly, but I'm not able to configure the LDALI MS1
Thanks for feedback
Kind Regards
30 Sep 2016 14:19 #583 by marcom
Replied by marcom on topic DALI gateway with LDALI MS1
For that special DALI product, I will give you a technical answer:

Our DALI master usually communicates with DALI slaves. Each lamp is a DALI slave and can have a unique DALI short address between 0 and 63.
DALI originally has no definition for a DALI slave acting as motion sensor.

So the LDALI-MS1 is a DALI master, not a DALI slave. 
Thats the reason, that you cannot configure this device with our master. Because there is no standard DALI master to DALI master communication or configuration defined.

So please check LOYTEC page for confguration software for this device:

So this device uses the same DALI line to send commands to the DALI slaves like our DALI master will do.
The DALi standard defines only, that more than one DALI master can share the connected DALI slaves.
A DALI system can have more than one DALI master on one DALI line, but as mentioned, the DALI masters cannot communicate with an other DALI master, only with DALI slaves.

So the configuration of the DALI motion sensor cannot be done by our DALI master!

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