normal mbs485 errrors using latest software

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16 Mar 2017 14:59 - 16 Mar 2017 14:59 #790 by Anonimi
mbs485 errrors using latest software was created by Anonimi
Analyzer returns me this error.

Latest software version.
It start to return this error after some times of correct behaviour.
Cannot Open Protocol Monitor

Analyzer doesn't save any file even if I do it manually.

Need help asap!
16 Mar 2017 15:00 - 16 Mar 2017 15:02 #791 by marcom
Replied by marcom on topic mbs485 errrors using latest software

this error occurs when the Windows Event Logger wasn't started or the Event Logger didn't 'log' the boot start time. This is a Windows issue, not so an analyzer software problem. The event logger MUST report the boot start time as an event with the ID 6005.
First solution: Clear the Log as described here:
  1. Right click the "start button" at the bottom left,                        
  2. Choose "Event Viewer"                                                     
  3. Open "Windows Logs"                                                       
  4. Right click "System" and choose "Clear Log..."                            
  5. Reboot

Check if the event log contains at least one event ID 6005 as shown in the following picture:

If the event isn't still there, you can force the logger to add that event manually with our msbipc.exe tool. You will find it here:

Please note: You have to run the msbipc.exe with admin rights. (The admin permission is needed to add an event in the event log). But I don't think, that that is a problem. You only have to do it once.

To do so:

1. Right click the start button
2. Choose 'Command prompt (Admin)
3. Say 'Yes' in the confirmation dialog
4. Run the msbipc.exe from within the admin command box
5. Start the analyzer software

Here is the output of the new msbipc.exe: (Please not the additional messages in the first output lines to make sure that you run the newest msbipc.exe.

If for whatever reasons the event 6005 goes lost after the next reboot, there is something wrong with your system. There are other programs which also depend on a working startup event and it would be a good advice to check the reasons for this.

Please let me know, if it fixes the problem.

Best regards

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