normal SONDA KMK119 con contatori gas

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27 Mar 2017 16:55 #799 by Anonimi
SONDA KMK119 con contatori gas was created by Anonimi
Devo usare la sonda KMK119 con dei contatori gas. Avete dei riscontri al riguardo?
27 Mar 2017 16:57 - 27 Mar 2017 16:59 #800 by marcom
Replied by marcom on topic SONDA KMK119 con contatori gas
La sonda KMK119 รจ stata testata con successo sui seguenti contatori gas:

1) SAMGAS G4 point-to-point and point-to-multipoint (DLMS/COSEM with 9600 8N1);
2) METERSIT G4 point-to-multipoint (DLMS/COSEM wiith 9600 8N1);
3) METERIT G4 point-to-point (DLMS/COSEM with19200 8N1);
4) METERIT G4 EVO point-to-multipoint (DLMS/COSEM with19200 8N1);
5) ITRON GALLUS NET G4 point-to-multipoint (DLMS/COSEM with 9600 8N1);

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