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02 May 2017 09:16 #876 by Kate
I would like to buy HIBOOST F13- EDW in order to amplify signal from different operators in the area.
Do I need also an external omnidirectional antenna in order to see all arround gsm towers?
Is the product correct? I mean: does it amplify all gsm signal from different operators at the same time?

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02 May 2017 09:16 - 02 May 2017 09:19 #877 by marcom
Replied by marcom on topic Amplify signals from different operators
Dear Kate,

Yes. Our boosters are wind-bands and they amply signals from different mobile operators simultaneously.

External omnidirectional antenna could be this one: OMNI-121

You need also a plug converter from SMA to N connector to use this antenna


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