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08 Sep 2017 17:02 #1169 by Kate
Could you please provide some more technical information about Advanced DLMS Gateway?
I have looked through the data sheets on your web page but still do not have a clear picture.
Specifically, what is the working principle of the device?
Does it poll the meters independently from the Modbus connection and store the data?
What is the approximate polling time for one meter (one parameter)? The customer is worried of the latency when many devices are connected on the bus.Do you have the device available with three RS485 connections?
08 Sep 2017 17:09 - 08 Sep 2017 18:27 #1170 by marcom
Replied by marcom on topic Adavanced DLMS Gateway working principle
I try to answer to Your question:

Correct, Advanced DLMS gateways polls separately the metersModbus connections and store the data.
The poll on DLMS is a little bit long because you have connection overhead, but if You poll one meter, one parameter noramally You can have this parameter every 20 seconds.

The gateway uses every connections as separate task. So on different connections ( different RS485 ports..) , it works parallel.
Clearly on one connection ( one RS485 port) it can ask one meter/time. So the bottleneck is the serial line
On the advanced gateway You have normally one RS485 port, one RS232 port ( with converter for RS485 in the package).
You can have other RS85 port using USB/RS485 converter ( MOXA UPORT 1130) or using device Server Ethernet ( NPORT5130 MOXA)
If You want to have max speed for every meter, You can use one NPORT5130/meter. In such way all reading task are concurrency and You obtain max speed.

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