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normal IR615 router and LTE

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03 Oct 2022 16:49 #2396 by guest
IR615 router and LTE was created by guest
Can you please verify if IR615 S-U, hardware 30108 and firmware 2.3.0 can be upgraded with a modem with LTE function? Testing with a LTE modem (Quectel from a newer model) the modem is not recognized and the log show it keeps scanning its internal list of 120 modems with no result.
03 Oct 2022 16:53 #2397 by marcom
Replied by marcom on topic IR615 router and LTE

to change the router's band management, it is not enough to simply update the firmware, as the internal modem that handles mobile communication is different.
Below is a link to the Inhand site to check the various models:

We remain at your disposal.

Marcom S.r.l.
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04 Oct 2022 09:08 #2398 by giorgio messi
Replied by giorgio messi on topic IR615 router and LTE
We replaced the internal modem with a LTE one, and from the router log we see that it tries to recognize it, testing 120 different models, no success. Firmware version (from inhands website) is 2.3.0.r5505. Do you have a newer/beta firmware, or a list of compatible modems with HW version 30108?
04 Oct 2022 09:20 #2399 by marcom
Replied by marcom on topic IR615 router and LTE
Dear mr. Messi,
unfortunately it is not possible to replace internal hardware with a different one.
Firmware is strictly linked to hardware revision and router OS for sure fails tring to identify third part modems.

You can try to contact Inhand Network directly to find out if there is a way to upgrade modem and let router uses it.

Best regards

Marcom S.r.l.
via della Metallurgia, 11
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