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20 May 2016 12:59 - 20 May 2016 13:07 #338 by Matteo P.

We have bought an MBust-Modbus and we are trying to read an Algodue UEM1P5-D M.

With the configurator (v I can see only 19 values. If you look at the manual at the bottom of page 13 there are a lot of measurement, how can I configure it?
20 May 2016 13:00 #339 by marcom
Dear Mr. Matteo,

the page 13 table shows only the possible Value Infomration Field Unit types. This are not the values you can read from this meter!

As you see in your manual on page 22 in the section 3.1.4 RSP_UD you can configure your meter to give different results.
So there must be a software of the manufaturer to confgure the meter, what kind of data it should send.

Acoording to this documentation the total amount of possible data fields are 63 values. up to FSA value.
When you look at section Set Parameters Mask page 21, you can select the type of answer beween

In Annex B is described which values you will read out of the meter using the different paramater sets

We assume, that the DEFAULT PARAMETER mak is set, this mean (see page 46 ANNEX C) that the meter will return 19 values.

Please dont forget, that you can scan a meter with our MBUST device and our MODBUSConfigurator software. We will show you all parametr of the meter (In your case this a currently 19, but we will show you more than 19 parameters, if the meter gives more results) But you can only donwload 20 parameter of your list in total to the MBUST device. It is limited to 2 meters and 20 variables!

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